Adult Clinical

Professor of Psychology
(814) 863-1733
Peter Arnett
Liberal Arts Professor of Psychology
(814) 863-1754
Louis Castonguay
SARI Director
Professor of Psychology
(814) 865-5849
Frank Hillary
Associate Director of Clinical Training, Professor of Psychology
(814) 865-5848
Kenneth Levy
Director of Graduate Studies
Professor of Psychology
(814) 863-1752
Amy Marshall
Professor of Psychology
(814) 863-1148
Professor of Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
(814) 863-1723
Aaron Pincus
Associate Department Head for DEI
Professor of Psychology
(814) 863-0382
Professor of Psychology
(814) 865-6219

Child Clinical

Evan Pugh Professor
Evan Pugh University Professor
Director of the Child Study Center
(814) 865-3879
Assistant Professor
Accepting graduate students for Fall 2024
Liberal Arts Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies
(814) 863-1746
Pamela Cole
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Accepting graduate students for fall 2024
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Professor of Psychology
(814) 865-8498
Cynthia Huang-Pollock
Professor of Psychology
Dr. Jackson is currently looking for undergraduate research assistants.
(Dr. Jackson will not be recruiting a graduate student for 2024-25)
(814) 867-3244
Yo Jackson
Director of Clinical Training, Professor of Psychology
(814) 865-2878
Martha Wadsworth


Assistant Research Professor of Psychology
Jason Bendezu
Assistant Director of The Psychological Clinic
Assistant Clinical Professor
(814) 865-3239
Assistant Clinical Professor
Sharon Nelson headshot
Assistant Director of The Psychological Clinic
Associate Clinical Professor, Dept. of Psychology
(814) 863-0706

Affiliated Faculty

Other members of the psychology department at University Park Campus with interests related to clinical psychology and who sometimes mentor Clinical Area (Child Track) graduate students include:

Kristin BussDevelopmental AreaAffective Development, Development of Anxiety
Jenae NeiderhiserDevelopmental AreaBehavior Genetics: Genetic, Parenting, and Prenatal Influences on Child Adjustment
Erika LunkenheimerDevelopmental AreaChild Mental Health & High Risk Families
Rina Eiden Developmental AreaChild Risk & Resilience in Families with Substance Abuse
Koraly Perez-Edgar Developmental AreaTemperament & Anxiety
Suzy ScherfCognitive & Developmental AreasFace processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder