Climate and Community for Diversity and Inclusion

Climate and Community for Diversity and Inclusion

Psychology Department

The psychology department is committed to advancing diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our functioning. One of the key mechanisms for achieving the integration of diversity within the department is the formation of BRIDGE, an alliance of faculty and graduate students dedicated to promoting diversity within the Department of Psychology and beyond. Whenever possible BRIDGE seeks to partner with other initiatives across the campus to make our college and university a safe and supportive space for all, where diversity informs the excellence of our scholarly work for the betterment of science. Read more about BRIDGE in an article featured in the APA Division 45 newsletter, FOCUS.

College of the Liberal Arts

The College of the Liberal Arts provides information about the recruitment, development, graduation, and placement of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds on the Diversity in the Liberal Arts page, which includes the Liberal Arts Multicultural Equity Programs.

Special Message for International Students

Dear International Students,

President Trump’s executive orders on immigration have left many members of our community feeling marginalized and isolated. I’m writing now to affirm that the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Studies office values your presence, and means to support you however we can. The College values statement clearly articulates the commitment to maintaining an open exchange of ideas in all settings, but just as clearly insists that the exchange remain respectful and inclusive.

We have heard a number of distressing stories in the last several weeks. Some of these involve bias incidents and harassment. Others simply involve people wanting to talk, whether to share their fears or to clarify the logistics of travel under the proposed restrictions. Too many of these stories end with people not knowing where to turn.

For that reason, the College advising team has compiled a list of resources that might prove useful. You’ll find that list below. We are providing this resource as part of a broader college inclusion initiative. Please stay tuned for more information about that.

In the meantime, please contact your academic adviser if you would like additional information. They are not the authorities for this kind of thing, but they are extremely knowledgeable about the workings of this institution. And, like the rest of the College, they will happily work with you to find any information they don’t have at hand.


Paul C. Taylor

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and

Associate Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies

Penn State University

Within the university, the Graduate School and the Multicultural Resource Center provide access to support services and resources for diversity and inclusivity.  Penn State also has an All In initiative, which affirms a commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment.

State College Area

The State College area has a number of diversity and multicultural resources. To help individuals new to our community, BRIDGE has created a GUIDE to State College Life to try and consolidate some of these resources in one central location. In addition, State College is also home to local groups such as Campus and Community in Unity and the Community Diversity Group, whose central mission is promoting and retaining diversity and creating a welcoming and supportive environment for that diversity.