Entrance to Major

Entrance to Major


Before entering the major you must complete these requirements.

Basic requirements

  • 29.1 credits completed
  • 2.0 grade point average overall
  • 2.0 grade point average for courses attempted towards the major

Specific course requirements

The following courses completed (with a ‘C’ or better):

• PSYCH 100
• STAT 200 or PSYCH 200
• additional 3 credits of GQ (other than STAT/PSYCH 200)
• additional 3 credits of GS (other than PSYCH 100)


Do one of the following:

Complete the on-line entrance to major process whenever you’ve met requirements listed above.

You will use LionPATH to update your academics. If you are enrolled in the required classes at the time of evaluation, you will be admitted to the major conditionally. The condition will be that the currently scheduled courses are completed with acceptable grades. Once the semester is complete the acceptance will be complete.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use “update academics”


Before declaring your major in Psychology, it is strongly recommended that you meet with one of our adviser to review the major!

Planning for the Psychology Major

You can find sample 4-year plans for developing educational plans at bulletins.psu.edu. The BS information is available at Psychology Bachelor of Science and the BA information is available at Psychology Bachelor of the Arts. Using these tools in cooperation with your current advisor should help you to prepare to enter the psychology major at the appropriate time.