How to Apply to Graduate School in Psychology

How to Apply to Graduate School in Psychology

The Application Process

The application process is as follows:

  1. Please read the following list of Frequently Asked Questions BEFORE completing your application.
  2. The Graduate School requires all applicants to fill out an electronic application, so please consult the Graduate School’s “How To Apply” page.

For application fee waiver information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

For other application fee information, please go to: https://gradschool.psu.edu/admissions/prepare-to-apply#Fees-200168

Applications are evaluated holistically across a variety of sources of information. Therefore, the following should be uploaded to the graduate application where indicated:

  1. A sample paper.
  2. A statement of purpose.
  3. Official transcripts.
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically by your recommenders. Once you have registered your recommenders in the online application, recommenders will receive an email that will guide them in uploading their letters.
  5. TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for non-exempt international applicants only.
  6. Submission of GRE scores is not required. Training areas in the department will consider submitted GRE scores in different ways when evaluating applications. The developmental and social areas will not consider GRE scores, even if submitted. Submission of GRE scores is optional for the cognitive, industrial and organizational and clinical areas (if you include them, they will be considered; if you do not include them there is no penalty), though the clinical and industrial and organizational areas strongly recommend submission of GRE scores. 

These documents are to be uploaded only. Please do not send or email your documents elsewhere as application materials not uploaded to the graduate application will not be accepted.

Important Items of Interest to the Applicant

Thank you for your interest in graduate study in the Department of Psychology at Penn State. 

The deadline date for Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, I/O, or Social Psychology is December 1st.

It is not possible for us to to contact you concerning missing materials, so please make sure your application is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions