As a department, we prioritize research, teaching, and service in our pursuit of advancing our understanding of human behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Our research efforts are geared towards discovering new knowledge and innovative ways to apply this knowledge to improve the lives of individuals and communities. In our teaching, we aim to provide students with a comprehensive and engaging education in psychology that prepares them for successful careers and meaningful contributions to society. Finally, we are committed to providing service to our community and to society as a whole by using our expertise to help individuals and organizations address psychological issues and improve mental health.

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Dr. Suzy Scherf recently published a study showing how face processing changes as adolescents take on new social roles.


Susan Mohammed led the development of The Pennsylvania State University Team Science Toolbox (, which features evidence-based team interventions to support team leaders and members dealing with the complex challenges of forming, launching, and managing teams. The toolbox is specifically tailored to team science novices who desire ready access to practical, pertinent team knowledge addressing specific team needs. Toolbox content highlights team interventions supported by science to help identify and select the right members, aid teams in getting off to a good start, and help members foster effective team dynamics. As such, an array of tools are featured to support diverse teams throughout their life cycle from team formation (e.g., team assembly, team composition), to team launch (e.g., kick-off meetings, ice breakers, team ground rules, team goal setting, team charters) to team maturation (e.g., cohesion, psychological safety, conflict resolution, vertical leadership, shared leadership, team building, team meetings, team debriefs). Check out the toolbox at:    


Dr. Alicia Grandey and coauthors (Dr. Allison Gabriel and Dr. Eden King) were honored with this award by the Human Resource Division of the Academy of Management, for their 2021 publication “Tackling taboo topics:  A review of the three Ms in working women’s lives” in Journal of Management.  Read a quick summary here:


Dr. Alicia Grandey recently received funding from the Social Science Research Institude (SSRI) to support return-to-work in the pandemic era with more Healthy-Inclusive-Productive Workplaces.  This interdisciplinary team of scholars from across Penn State’s colleges and campuses will be connecting with industry partners to develop innovative and actionable research.

You can view her research on the HIP Workplace website.


For an up-to-date list of BRIDGE resources and events related to Covid-19, please visit this page

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Worrying Isn’t the Best Response to the COVID-19 Crisis | Psychology Today

Worrying Isn’t the Best Response to the COVID-19 Crisis There’s lots of things we should do to address COVID-19, but worrying isn’t one. Posted Mar 18, 2020
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