Psychological Clinic
Psychological Clinic

Psychological Clinic

The Penn State Psychological Clinic stands in solidarity and empathy with everyone within our community directly or indirectly impacted by the recent racially motivated events in our country. These recent events have exposed longstanding racism, oppression, discrimination, and violence towards our communities of color. Many are hurting now, perhaps more than before. We see you, we support you, and we are here for you, all of you.

The Penn State Psychological Clinic is one of the oldest university-based clinics in America and operates with three primary missions:

To provide state-of-the-art psychological services, including outpatient psychotherapy, group therapy, and neuropsychological assessment to the residents of Centre County and surrounding areas;
To train the next generation of professional psychologists, through our affiliation with Penn State's clinical psychology doctoral program.
To conduct and disseminate research to help improve psychological practices and help clients deal with their difficulties.

Public Statement to Community

We must recognize that Black Lives Matter, and that racism, bias and religious intolerance yield an inexcusable cost to life and liberty.……..We have an obligation to fight ignorance and intolerance, model inclusivity and embrace the power that diversity represents. Yet we operate in a national environment where there is growing polarity on these issues, greater conflict and an amplification of hate speech.

How do I send the clinic my information?

Please fax your information to 814-863-1331. If you are having trouble faxing your information, please call 814-865-2191 for assistance.

Where is the clinic located?

The clinic is located on the third floor of the Moore Building. Parking is available in the Nittany Parking Deck.

The hours of the clinic are Monday–Thursday: 9AM–8PM Friday: 9AM–5PM, please call 814-865-2191 for assistance.