Chardée Galán



Assistant Professor of Psychology
Accepting graduate students for fall 2025
Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (Joint Clinical-Developmental Program)

Professional Bio

Chardée Galán is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Child Clinical Area and Director of the Dismantling Racial inEquities Around Mental Health (DREAM) lab at the Pennsylvania State University. Her program of research strives to address drivers of racial inequities in child and adolescent mental health by: (1) advancing scholarship on the intersection of cultural, developmental, and familial risk and protective factors in predicting youth psychopathology, including the influence of racial-ethnic discrimination, racial-ethnic identity development, and racial-ethnic socialization processes; (2) improving our measurement of racism-based traumatic stress in youth of color; (3) developing and testing interventions that draw on cultural strengths, such as racial-ethnic socialization processes, to disrupt pathways from racial stress to psychopathology; and (4) improving clinical training in cultural humility and anti-racism to ensure that the next generation of mental health providers and researchers are equipped to address the unique stressors and leverage the inherent strengths of youth and families of color.