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Alicia Grandey Ph.D.

Alicia Grandey, Ph.D.

Liberal Arts Professor

Pronouns: she/her/hers

620 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-1867

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph. D., Colorado State University, 1999


Research Interests

Dr. Alicia Grandey joined the industrial-organizational psychology program at Penn State in 1999. She has published 65+ articles on emotional labor (e.g., “service with a smile”), workplace mistreatment, and work diversity (age/gender/racial/political), and their implications for both performance and health of service workers. She also co-edited the book Emotional Labor in the 21st Century. Her award-winning research is heavily cited by scholars (24,000+ times) and media (e.g., Harvard Business Review, New Yorker, Reddit, NPR).  She was named Fellow of Association of Psychological Science (APS) and Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (SIOP). Dr .Grandey has mentored over 20 doctoral students in her two decades at PSU and received a Psi Chi Honors Society Award for Mentoring and Penn State’s Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching.  Please see her website ( and social media (@AliciaGrandey) for more details.

Workshop on Emotions and Work Climate

Please see this link for more details about this NSF-funded workshop. Dr. Grandey (PI) brought together business, psychology, and engineering faculty to discuss organizational climate, performance and innovation.

Recent Select Publications

Sayre*, G., Grandey, A., Chi, NW. (conditional accept).  From Cheery to "Cheers"? Regulating Emotions at Work and Alcohol Consumption After Work.  Journal of Applied Psychology.  
Grandey, A., Gabriel, A., & King, E. (in press). Tackling Taboo Topics:  A review of the three Ms in working women’s lives. Journal of Management
Grandey, A., Frone, M. , Melloy*, R., Sayre*, G. (in press).  When Are Fakers Also Drinkers? A Self-Control View of Emotional Labor and Alcohol Consumption Among U.S. Service Workers.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Online first
 --Media attention (selected): the BBC, USAToday, CNNthe Daily Mailthe New York PostInversePacific Standard, The Guardian

Grandey, A.., England*, K. & Boeherman*, L. (in press).  Emotional labor: Display rules and emotion regulation.  In the Handbook of Workplace Affect (Eds., Liu-Qin Yang, Russell Cropanzano, Catherine Daus, & Vicente Martinez-Tur). Cambridge University Press. 

Grandey, A., Houston*, L., & Avery, D. (2019). Fake it to make it:  Emotional labor reduces the racial disparity in service performance judgments.  Journal of Management, 45(5), 2163-2192.
 --Media attention (selected):  BBC podcast, The Conversation (April 30),, The Salon

Grandey, A., & Sayre*, G. (2019).  Emotional labor:  Regulating emotions for a wage.  Current Directions in Psychological Science, 28(2), 131-137.
 --Media attention:  Website for Association for Psychological Science (APS).
Chi, N-W & Grandey, A. (2019). Emotional labor predicts service performance depending on activation and inhibition regulatory fit. Journal of Management 45(2): 673-700.  
Grandey, A., Ferris, D.L., Melloy*, R.M. (2018).  A Dual Signal Model of Pride Displays in Organizations. Research in Organizational Behavior, 38, 153-168.
Melloy*, R., Liu, S., Grandey, A., Shi, J. (2018).  Overcoming Obstacles: Attentional and Emotional Control for Novice Job Seekers. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 108, 92-107. 
Houston*, L., Grandey, A. & Sawyer, K. (2018). Who cares if “service with a smile” is authentic?:  An expectancy-based model of customer race and perceptions of service interactions.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 144, 86-96.


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