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Janet Swim

Janet Swim

Professor of Psychology

511 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-1730


  1. Ph. D., University of Minnesota, 1988


Research interests.

My interest lies in understand people's involvement, or lack thereof, in environmental problems and willingness to take action.  I am interested in both basic and applied research that can motivate individuals and organizations to work toward a sustainable and vibrant world. My current areas of research include 1) Social sources of beliefs and actions including gender role norms and social networking; 2) Creating Effective Climate Change Communications.


Select Recent Publications:

Clayton, S., Devine-Wright, P. Stern, P.C., Whitmarsh, L. Carrico, A., Steg, L., Swim, J. and Bonnes, M. (2015). Psychological Research and Global Climate Change.  Nature Climate Change.


Swim, J.K., Geiger, N. & Zawadzki, S.J. (2014). Psychology and energy-use reduction policies. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1(1), 180-188.


Felding, K.S., & Hornsey, M.J., & Swim, J.K. (2014). Developing a social psychology of climate change. European Journal of Social Psychology, 44, 413-320.


Swim, J.K., & Bloodhart, B. (2014).  Portraying the Perils to Polar Bears:  The Role of Empathic and Objective Perspective Taking Toward Animals in Climate Change Communication.  Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture.


Bloodhart, B., Swim, J. K., & Zawadzki, M. J. (2013). Spreading the eco-message: Using proactive coping to aid eco-rep behavior change programming. Sustainability: Special Issue on Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Sustainability. 5(4), 1661-1679; doi:10.3390/su5041661


Swim, J.K., Clayton, S., Doherty, T.J. Gifford, R., Howard, G., Stern, P.C, Reser, J., Stern, P., & Weber, E., (2009). Psychology & Global Climate Change addressing a multifaceted phenomenon and set of challenges. A report of the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Global Climate Change.

Research Interests:

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