Forensic Psychology

Resources for Forensic Psychology

Many psychology students are interested in forensic psychology, a broad field that includes a variety of ways in which psychologists are involved in legal proceedings and investigations. The following resources have been selected to help students interested in forensic psychology explore the field.

Useful Web Sites

American Board of Forensic Psychology

This web site offers the American Board of Forensic Psychology’s official definition of forensic psychology. It also offers a list of areas that the practice of forensic psychology includes the qualifications and credentials for becoming a Forensic Psychologist.

Forensic Psychology Edu

This site provides extensive information about careers in forensic psychology, including the many specialties within this diverse field. It offers state-by-state information on becoming a forensic psychologist.

Psychology Info Online’s Forensic Psychology Page

This web site gives a general description of the field of forensic psychology. It also gives a description of what forensic psychologists do on a day-to-day basis and assessment strategies that forensic psychologists should use.

This site describes the programs in forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It also answers some general questions about forensic psychology and what those looking to get into a Master’s degree program would expect.

This web site describes the area of forensic psychology in three parts. It then focuses on mostly the first and somewhat on the third parts of the description it shows through examples.

Books and Readings

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