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Psychology Courses and Related Information

When taking courses towards the Psychology degree, each student has many options in relation to the areas of study to pursue. However, within the degree requirements there are some elements that are consistent regardless of the degree program chosen. Below is some key information related to psychology courses that students should be aware of as they develop their long term plan schedule.


PSYCH 490 Descriptions

Schedule of Courses

Subject Pool

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The Subject Pool is an Experiment Management System. As part of the requirements for PSYCH 100 and PSYCH 105, you will be required to participate in research being conducted within the Psychology Department. For those who object or are minors, you will have assignments to complete to meet the required number of experiment hours. Below you will find links to the Subject Pool and relevant information as you get started.

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PSYCH 105 explores the development of modern psychology, the role of science in that development, and career paths related to scientific psychology.  The course will help you explore career options and help you decided if Psychology is right for you. You can find a brief description of PSYCH 105 in the University Bulletin or review the course syllabus. Remember PSYCH 100 is a prerequisite to PSYCH 105, and this prerequisite is strictly enforced..

PSYCH 105 is NOT available at other campus locations. It is strictly a University Park Degree requirement. This course should be completed by the end of the 4th semester if you are a University Park student, and by the end of the 5th semester if you are a Change of Location student or a Transfer student. This course is controlled to 3rd and 4th semester standing students. If you are a Change of Location or Transfer student and are looking to enroll into PSYCH 105 for your first semester at UP, please make an appointment with an academic adviser. click here

Reminder: Currently there are NO substitutions for PSYCH 490 or PSYCH 105

Psych 490 - Senior Seminar in Psychology

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PSYCH 490 can be viewed as your final destination within the Psychology degree program. It is an all encompassing course that integrates your years of gained knowledge from your coursework and allows you to apply your knowledge in a small more intimate classroom setting. You can find a brief course description for PSYCH 490 in the University Bulletin. In this class you will review research literature around a specific topic of study. Each semester the topics available will change. Although it may be tempting to choose a section based on time, be sure to choose a topic most interesting to you.

Some example titles of previously held sections of PSYCH 490 include but are not limited to:

  • "Creativity and Innovation"
  • "Neuroethology: How Animal Brains Make Animal Behavior"
  • "Psychological Science in the Media"
  • " Developmental Psychopathology"
  • "Assessment Centers: Research and Practice"
  • "Art, Language, and Creativity in Children"
  • "RJP in Managing Work-life Interfaces"

To view current topic descriptions of PSYCH 490 click here 

When the time has come for scheduling PSYCH 490 keep in mind you must have successfully completed PSYCH 301 and 6.0credits of PSYCH at the 400 level. These are strict prerequisites to which no exceptions will be made (ie. You CANNOT take the prerequisites concurrently, they must be completed prior to 490).

Reminder: Currently there are NO substitutions for PSYCH 490 or PSYCH 105

Course Sequencing

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Many students are not aware that there is a course sequence within the major degree requirements. This can tend to cause students problems when they had not planned for it when studying abroad or taking a semester off for an internship. It is vital for students to understand prerequisites to courses and to plan for them in their long term plan schedule. Lack of planning can delay graduation especially since such courses as PSYCH 105 and PSYCH 490 are only offered during the fall and spring semesters.


PSYCH 100 PSYCH 200-level courses
PSYCH 301 AND 6.0credits of PSYCH 400-levels PSYCH 490

Enrollment Controls

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Most of our 400 level PSYCH courses are initially controlled for majors only, controls are lifted for select classes once lowerclassmen  start scheduling. See the notes section in the course offering for details. Once controls are lifted minors and other non-majors can schedule these classes.

NOTE: Controls are never released for PSYCH 301 or PSYCH 490.

To inquire about course controls email

Psychology Course Scheduling and Descriptions

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