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The Psychology minor can be a wonderful addition to many majors as it allows you to learn about and understand human behavior. Whether you are in education and interested in developmental psychology or in biology looking at neuropsychology, you can find courses to provide breadth and depth to complement your primary major while providing insight into the understanding of psychology.

The PSY minor is available to students at any Penn State campus that offers the required courses. Some PSYCH courses are available to resident students through World Campus during the summer, but World Campus PSYCH courses are not available to resident students during fall and spring semesters. (See World Campus PSYCH enrollment policy for details).


To satisfy the requirements for the Psychology Minor, a student must complete a minimum of 18 PSYCH credits. These credits must include PSYCH 100, PSYCH 301, and 6 credits at the 400 level.


Required CourseCredits
PSYCH 100 3
PSYCH 301 4
PSYCH xxx 3
PSYCH xxx 3
PSYCH 4xx 3
PSYCH 4xx 3

Important Notes

  • Courses without a PSYCH designation do NOT count toward the minor, even if they contain substantial psychology content.
  • A letter grade of "C" or better must be earned in ALL courses counted toward the minor.
  • Thesis (491, 493), research experience (294/494), internship (295/495), and independent study (296/496) courses do NOT count toward the minor. The intent of the minor is that it be earned by taking standard, content-based courses from the PSYCH curriculum.
  • Nine of the 18 credits of PSYCH (including 3 credits at the 400 level) must be completed at Penn State.
  • Most 400 level PSYCH courses are initially controlled for majors only, controls are lifted for select classes once lowerclassmen  start scheduling. See the notes section in the course offering for details. Once controls are lifted minors and other non-majors can schedule these classes.                                                  
  • Due to high demand and the need to prioritize Psychology majors, PSYCH 301 is controlled at University Park. Minors must request to take 301 via our Request for Enrollment By Exception. Once majors have registered, we will begin to place students who requested exception into the course given seats are available. Please note this is on a first come first serve basis with Graduating Seniors taking priority. If you are a minor and are interested in being placed in PSYCH 301 please use our Request for Enrollment by Exception Form.


  • Registration will not be approved without required prerequisite courses.
  • Registration will not be approved if the minor has not been declared. 
  • There is no guarantee of approval for any student for any class. Please see University Policy on minors.


In some cases, students who complete an appropriate methods course in their major may choose an additional Psychology course in lieu of PSYCH 301. The following methods courses are approved for this purpose: BBH 310, BBH 411W, CAS 304, COMM 304, COMM 420, HDFS 312W, SOC 207 in combination with SOC 400W, and LER 312. Students who take an alternative research methods course must still complete 18 credits of courses with a PSYCH designation, but those 18 credits do not need to include PSYCH 301.

Exceptions do not happen automatically please to request an exception once all applicable courses have been scheduled or completed.

Declaring and pursuing a minor in Psychology

You may declare your minor through LionPath. It is important to note the following:

  • Declaring a minor does NOT guarantee that you will be able to take specific courses, even those required for the minor. Due to demand, Psychology majors have priority for many courses.
  • You must complete the prerequisites for PSYCH courses applied to the minor. These prerequisites do not always count toward the minor; for example, there is a statistics prerequisite (STAT 200) for PSYCH 301.

Dropping a PSY minor

Students who wish to drop the PSY minor should do so in update academics in LionPath, only if this does not work then send requests by email to


Students in the PSY minor are not assigned a specific adviser in psychology, but UP students are welcome to visit the Psychology Advising Center in 125 Moore Building for assistance concerning the minor.

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