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Psychology faculty receive NSF grant

The National Science Foundation recently announced seventeen new grants, including a $5 million grant over five years to Penn State's Center for Language Science. The grant's principal investigator is Judith Kroll, a professor of psychology at Penn State, and Janet Van Hell, also a professor of psychology, serves as one of the grant's co-principal investigators.

The goal of the new PIRE is to harness the excitement surrounding recent discoveries about the benefits of bilingualism to ask how the science might be translated for educational practice and policy.  The new grant will bring science to the classroom and to the field for younger and older learners to examine the consequences of bilingualism for education and health.

The PIRE network includes five domestic partners at Gallaudet University, University of Illinois, University of New Mexico, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus and Haskins Laboratories.  The international network spans 10 sites in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, with partnerships at Radboud University, the Netherlands; University of Mannheim, Germany; University of Granada, Spain; University of Edinburgh, UK; Jagiellonian University, Poland; University of Campinas, Brazil; University of Antioquia, Colombia; Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Mexico; and Beijing Normal University and University of Hong Kong both in China.

Additional details can be found through Penn State News.

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