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Margaret Cadden wins Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship

Ms. Margaret Cadden, a Penn State graduate student in Psychology, has been selected by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) as the recipient of the 2015 Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship.

Ms. Cadden's research focuses on the role played by stigma and depression in disease progression in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). Her study, "Judgment Hurts: The Physical and Psychological Consequences of Experiencing Stigma in MS," will examine the impact of stigma on disease progression over the course of a year. Ms. Cadden is a student in Professor Peter Arnett's lab and is collaborating with Assistant Professor Jonathan Cook on this study.

The Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship provides financial support for graduate students working to increase public awareness and understanding surrounding individuals with physical disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

For more information, consult the Penn State News article about this award.

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