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Department of Psychology 
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The Pennsylvania State University 
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Graduate Student Life

A group of Psychology grad student celebrating the 4th of July!

A group of Social Psychology students at a housewarming party!


Danfei, Terri, Eliana, and Elise having an office hangout

Lindsay having fun at the annual Grad Cup

Mary and Nathaniel enjoying happy hour


Social, Clinical, Cognitive, and I/O students out for brunch


State College Life

At Penn State, graduate students belong to an intellectual community. At the same time, State College offers the charm and ease of small-town life. Restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and fun things to do are all accessible by walking, biking, or a short bus ride. There are also local farms and community-supported agriculture for fresh, delicious food and the opportunity to live in more sustainable ways.  Social area students know each other well, hold happy hours and other social events, go to conferences together, and collaborate. We support each other by discussing research, offering feedback, and helping each other when needed. Below are links to explore what life in State College is like.   Social_Students_Bike   


Penn State is a great place to develop a program of research and offers lots of resources to help graduate students succeed. Besides being affiliated with a competitive R1 university and working with experienced, productive faculty, PSU graduate students get some perks that can help make life easier. We are located in Moore, a new building with a crisp, clean feel. The new building has up-to-date technology and particularly nice offices, seminar rooms, and lab spaces. Graduate students get their own desk area and computer in a bright, spacious office with their peers.  At Penn State, you will find a collaboratiWilly Wonka Partyve atmosphere in which students are encouraged to connect with their colleagues, both in social psychology and in other areas of psychology and other departments.


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