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Department of Psychology 
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Our graduate program in Social Psychology prepares students for careers in academic or applied settings, with emphases on affect and emotion, gender, prejudice and stereotyping, and social policies, programs, and practices.

Our Mission


The social psychology program enjoys an atmosphere that fosters 
cooperation, creativity, and discovery

Our goal is to have our research and that of our students shape the direction and development of theoretically-grounded, methodologically sound social psychology research that promotes positive social change.

Our Program....

Advances basic research in a socially conscious manner. We value and share a commitment to connecting social research to real world concerns and issues. 

Promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration. We have links with faculty in other departments and colleges across the university. Our shared interests are evident in our weekly seminar series and collaborative projects. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the department's Specialization in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN), or the
dual-title degree in Women's Studies and Psychology.

Emphasizes excellence in both traditional and innovative research methods. We share expertise in quantitative methods ranging from structural equation modeling to meta-analysis. We value and use qualitative research techniques that center on the research participants' experience and point of view. 

We are proud of our graduate training program and the people who make it so successful.  If you are interested in obtaining a degree in social psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, please contact us.
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