I/O Program Core Competencies

I/O Program Core Competencies

Penn State’s I/O psychology program is designed to equip students with knowledge in the core competencies listed below. We believe that training in these areas will allow our students to graduate with a complete understanding of how to continue the present and future advancement of I/O Psychology.

I/O Core Competency

Description of Possible Topics/Courses

Faculty Members 

Research Methods

(Methods) Research design, Psychometrics

James LeBreton, Rustin Meyer


(Stats), Univariate and Multivariate, Advanced Statistics

James LeBreton

Professional Skills

(Practicum) Ethical, Legal, Consulting, Communication, Teaching

All faculty

Individual Assessment and Development

(I) Individual differences, Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Training

James LeBreton, Rustin Meyer

Groups and Teams

(O) Social theories, Team Processes and Outcomes, Climate, Multi-level issues

James LeBreton, Susan J. Simkins (formerly Mohammed)          

Work Motivation

(O) Self-regulation, Rewards, Attitudes, Motivation Theories, Power

Alicia Grandey, James LeBreton


(I or O) Leadership and management of employees, Influence, Training and Development

James LeBreton, Susan J. Simkins (formerly Mohammed)


(I) Job analysis, Criterion Measurement/Evaluation, Feedback, CWB/OCB

James LeBreton

Adaptation and Wellbeing

(O) Stress, Emotions, Career Development, Attitude Formation and Change

Alicia Grandey

Changing Nature of Work

(I or O) New directions or general issues such as diversity, culture, innovation, and technology

Alicia Grandey, Rustin Meyer, Susan J. Simkins (formerly Mohammed)