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Graduate Program

Penn State’s Department of Psychology provides students with a top-ranked graduate education. Our mission is to train the next generation of leaders, innovators, and cutting-edge professionals. We see mentoring as an important part of scientific training, and our department developed Guidelines for Advisor-Advisee Relationships (2020 Guidelines for Effective Advising) in January 2020.  This helps clarify expectations and provides a communication tool for this important aspect of program training.  As a part of their training, students in our program:

Receive Sound Scientific Training: Students become first-rate scientists and thinkers. They gain knowledge and exposure to the latest ground-breaking research though classes, labs, and independent projects. All students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking, nurture their intellectual curiosity, collaborate with others, and explore interdisciplinary ideas and connections.

Learn through Active Participation: Students learn by doing. Upon arrival, students are actively involved in all aspects of academia, including learning how to conduct their own research, use state of the art research methodologies (ERP, MRI, advanced statistical techniques, etc.), teach the next generation of students, and effectively use their expertise to assist and improve the community.

Become Capable of Translating Research into Action: Science helps improve people’s lives. At Penn State, we have a strong tradition of translating our research findings into meaningful information for change and action. Research here includes: biology and neuroscience, diversity and discrimination, team and organizational effectiveness, cognitive functioning, social and cognitive development, as well as mental health and well-being. 



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