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Theresa Vescio

Theresa Vescio

Professor of Psychology

Pronouns: she/her/they/them

519 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-1714


  1. Ph. D., University of Kansas, 1996


Research Interests

Terri Vescio’s research focused on power, sexism, racism, heterosexism, and ageism. She is interested in the relation between power and stereotyping. She is primarily interested in gender and how gender intersects with other meaningful social group members (like race, class, sexual orientation, and age) to influence powerful people’s reactions to low power women and men. Much of her research examines three questions: (1) when do powerful people stereotype low power people, (2) how do powerful people behave toward the low power men and women they stereotype and (3) how do the stereotypic behaviors of the powerful influence the emotion, self-definition, motivation, and performance of low power women and men. Her ongoing research includes work that adopts developmental/lifespan perspective and uses EEG procedures to examine how people respond to subtle and blatant discrimination.

Recent Publications

Vescio, T. K., Gervais, S. J., Heidenreich, S., & Snyder, M (2006). The effects of prejudice level and social influence strategy on stereotypic responding to racial outgroups. European Journal of Social Psychology, 36, 435-450.

Vescio, T. K., Judd, C. M., & Chua, P-P. (2006). Categorization and intergroup bias in crossed categorization contexts. In M. Hewstone & R. Crisp (Eds.), Multiple Categorization. London, UK: Blackwell.

Behar, E., Vescio, T. K., & Borkovec, T. D. (2005). The effects of suppressing thoughts and images about emotional and non-emotional stimuli. Behavior Therapy, 36, 157-168.

Biernat, M., & Vescio, T. K. (2005). Values and Prejudice: Historical Conceptualizations and Current Issues. In C. S. Crandall & M. Schaller (Eds.), The Social Psychology of Prejudice: Historical and Modern Perspectives (pp. 187-211). Lawrence, KS: Lewinian Press.

Vescio, T. K., Gervais, S., Snyder, M., & Hoover, A. (2005). Power and the creation of patronizing environments: The stereotype-based behaviors of the powerful and their effects on female performance in masculine domains. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88, 658-672.

Cleveland, J., Vescio, T. K., & Barnes-Farrell, J. (2004). Gender discrimination in the Workplace. To appear in R. L. Dipboye & A. Collela (Eds.), [SIOP scientific series] Psychological and Organizational Bases of Discrimination at Work (pp. 149-176). Jossey-Bass.

Vescio, T. K., & Judd, C. M., & Kwan, V. S. Y. (2004). Categorization and intergroup bias in crossed contexts: Evidence of reductions in the strength of categorization, but not intergroup bias. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 40, 478 – 496.

Vescio, T. K., & Biernat, M. (2003). Family Values and Antipathy Toward Gay Men. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 33, 833-847.

Vescio, T. K., Sechrist, G., & Paolucci, M. P. (2003). Perspective taking and prejudice reduction: The mediational role of empathy arousal and situational attributions. European Journal of Social Psychology, 33, 455-472.

Research Interests:

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