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Koraly Perez-Edgar

Koraly Perez-Edgar

McCourtney Professor of Child Studies and Professor of Psychology

270 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 865-9272


  1. Ph. D., Harvard University, 2001


Research Interests

Koraly Pérez-Edgar is interested in the relations between temperament and psychopathology. In particular, children with the extreme temperamental trait of behavioral inhibition and shyness show increased risk for social anxiety. However, individual differences in attention mechanisms may play an important role in ameliorating or exacerbating these underlying vulnerabilities. In conducting her work, Dr. Pérez-Edgar has taken a multi-method approach involving direct observation of behavior and cognitive functioning, psychophysiology (EEG & ERP), and neuroimaging (fMRI).  Her next projects will examine the emergence of attention to threat in the first two years of life and use mobile eye-tracking technology to observe social behavior in young children.

Recent Publications

Fu, X., Taber-Thomas, B. C., & Pérez-Edgar, K.  (in press) Frontolimbic functioning during threat-related attention: Relations to early behavioral inhibition and anxiety in children. Biological Psychology.

LoBue, V., Buss, K. A., Taber-Thomas, B. C., & Pérez-Edgar, K. (in press).  Developmental differences in infants’ attention to social and non-social threats. Infancy.

Morales, S., Taber-Thomas, B. C., & Pérez-Edgar, K. (in press).  Patterns of attention to threat across tasks in behaviorally inhibited children at risk for anxiety. Developmental Science.

Taber-Thomas, B. C., Morales, S., Hillary, F., & Pérez-Edgar, K.  (in press). Altered topography of intrinsic functional connectivity in childhood risk for social anxiety. Depression & Anxiety.

Morales, S., Fu, X., & Pérez-Edgar, K. (2016).  A developmental neuroscience perspective on affect biased attention.  Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 21, 26-41.

Pérez-Edgar, K., Taber-Thomas, B. C., Auday, E., & Morales, S. (2014).  Temperament and attention as core mechanisms in the early emergence of anxiety.  In K. Lagattuta (Ed.), Children and Emotion: New Insights into Developmental Affective Science, Contributions to Human Development, vol. 26, 42-56.  Basel: Karger Publishing.

Research Interests:

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