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Volunteer for Research

Researchers in the psychology department sometimes offer opportunities to volunteer for research that are not included in the subject pool.  The opportunities below vary in the kind of compensation they offer – please see the individual listings and contact the researchers directly to volunteer or to ask questions. 

Students in PSYCH 100 or PSYCH 105 looking for opportunities to complete their research participation requirements should use the Sona Systems Subject Pool web site:  Opportunities posted on that web site are available only to students currently enrolled in PSYCH 100 or PSYCH 105 at University Park or World Campus.  

Paid research opportunity at Penn State for 18 or older. (Compensation up to $45).

We are seeking adults (18 or older) to participate in a research study examining daily mood and experiences. This study is conducted at the Penn State University, University Park campus. Eligibility will be determined based on a brief screening survey. The study consists of two parts. If you pass the initial screen, you can participate in part 1, a 25-min interview. If interview results confirm your eligibility, you can continue with an 8-day daily survey, in which you will complete brief daily surveys multiple times per day using a smartphone.

You will receive $5 for the 25-min interview. Individuals eligible for part 2 can receive up to $40 for participating in the daily survey ($32 for 3 hours of participation and $8 extra for high compliance).

If you are interested in participating in this study, please click the link to complete the screening survey: All the information you provide will be strictly confidential. After completing the survey, we will determine whether you are eligible for part 1.

For more information or if you would like to be considered for this research study,

email us at

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