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Permission to register

These forms must be completed, printed, and signed by the student and the faculty member granting permission.

PSYCH 294 Research Experience (working in a faculty lab)

PSYCH 494 Research Experience (working in a faculty lab)

PSYCH 296 & 496 Independent study (undergraduate TA, readings course, etc.)

PSYCH 491H Honors senior thesis

PSYCH 493 Non-honors senior thesis


This form must be completed and signed by the student, internship site supervisor, and internship faculty adviser.  It should be submitted together with the academic plan for the internship.

PSYCH 495 Approval for enrollment in psychology internship

University Park Request for Enrollment by Exception for PSYCH 301

This form should be used by minors requesting enrollment in PSYCH 301 at University Park. Please note approval is not automatic, students must have already declared a psychology minor and taken the prerequisite coursework of PSYCH 100 and STAT 200. Enrollment limits will not be overridden. You must indicate lecture and lab section preferences on the form.

This form is for PSYCH 301 ONLY!
Most 400 level PSYCH courses are initially controlled for majors only, controls are lifted for select classes once lowerclassmen  start scheduling. See the notes section in the course offering for details. Once controls are lifted minors and other non-majors can schedule these classes. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST EXCEPTION FOR ANY CLASS OTHER THAN 301

SP 22 PSYCH 301 exception request form for University Park will be available Friday, October 1, 2022.

University Park request for Enrollment in PSYCH 301 for SP 22 ONLY

Exception requests will be reviewed starting the 1st or 2nd week of November, you will receive an email when your request has been reviewed from

The last day to submit an exception request for PSYCH 301 for SP 22 is Friday, January 14 at 5:00pm.

(The review process will begin after the current semester grades are posted, you will receive an email from after your request has been reviewed)

World Campus Psychology request for enrollment by exception

Registration in World Campus Psychology courses is restricted by enrollment limits, by controls limiting some courses to students in particular majors, and by a policy that resident students may not schedule World Campus PSYCH courses during fall and spring semesters.  This form is to be used to request exceptions to these restrictions. 

Exceptions are granted only given extenuating circumstances. 

Approval is not automatic, and decisions typically are not made until the week before the semester begins.  Please make sure that you complete the form for the correct semester!

The SP 22 PSYCH exception request form for World Campus will be available Friday, October 1, 2022.

The deadline to submit a World Campus PSYCH exception request for spring 2022 is Friday, January 14 at 5:00pm. 
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