To Our Psychology Community,

The events over the past few weeks have been a source of additional stress in an already difficult time. We want you to know that we are outraged by the death of George Floyd and the racism that fueled it. We are also concerned over the peaceful protests turned upside-down by violence, exposing the deep divisions in our country. We recognize that whether or not we have been directly affected, these events can nevertheless have deep and lasting impacts on our well-being, our sense of safety, our faith in leaders at all levels, and our faith in humanity. This can make for difficult and tumultuous times for the members of our community and beyond. This reality often goes unnoticed, unspoken, or unacknowledged, furthering the hurt and pain that divide our nation. We will not make the mistake of standing by in silence. As a department committed to the values of equity and inclusion, we hope that we can be a resource for each other and stand together during this critical time. Our first step is simply to acknowledge the anger, sadness, despair, and suffering that the state of our country (and, indeed our world) is causing for those in our community. Second, we are taking steps to marshal our expertise with respect to human behavior in the service of understanding, educating, and mitigating racism and its many derivatives, at individual and societal levels. As an initial step, we have begun to gather information and resources that we are making available to all at the following URL ( so that can we can each orient ourselves to the various ways that we can move forward together while being mindful of the diverse needs of our community.

Kristin A. Buss, Professor and Head, Department of Psychology and the BRIDGE Diversity Alliance

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