Stephen Wilson



  1. Ph.D., 2008, University of Pittsburgh


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Stephen Wilson's primary area of research interest is addictive behavior, with a specific focus on cigarette smoking.  The overarching goal of his research program is to advance our understanding of the self-regulatory failures characteristic of drug addiction. He utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that integrates theory and methods from traditional behavioral addiction research with those derived from the affective, cognitive and social neurosciences (e.g., functional brain imaging).  Theoretically, his work is guided by contemporary neuroscientific models of executive/cognitive control and emotion regulation.  These perspectives provide a novel framework for elucidating the mechanisms whereby exposure to drug cues leads to failures of self-regulation.  His current work is directed at examining how the engagement of such resources affects the performance of tasks requiring cognitive control, as well as how such effects vary as a function of individual differences in cognitive ability and the nature of the task being performed.

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