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Louis Castonguay



  1. Ph.D., 1992, State University of New York at Stony Brook


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Louis Castonguay's research focuses on the process of change in different forms of psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and integrative), especially for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. Within this context, he has investigated several factors related to the client (e.g., emotional experience), therapist (e.g., focus of intervention) and the therapeutic relationship (e.g., working alliance). He has also investigated the efficacy of new integrative treatments for generalized anxiety disorder and depression. In addition, he has been involved in building stronger bridge between research and practice in psychotherapy by conducting effectiveness research (studies conducted within day-to-day clinical practice) and by developing practice research networks (aimed at fostering active collaboration between researchers and clinicians in the conduct of scientifically valid and clinically relevant studies). His theoretical work is primarily aimed at better understanding therapeutic factors that cut across different forms of psychotherapy, as reflected by his recent books on principles of change (co-edited with Larry Beutler) and insight (co-edited with Clara Hill).

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