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News from the Social Area

Summer 2022 Graduation 

(Jonathan Cook, Karen Gasper, Hyun Joon Park, Danfei Hu, Katie Lewis, Mike Lengieza, Terri Vescio, Janet Swim)

Faculty: Karen Gasper, Jonathan Cook, Janet Swim, Terri Vescio

Students: Hyun Joon Park (Cook), Katie Lewis (Vescio), Mike Lengieza (Swim), Danfei Hu (Gasper)

Eliana Hadjiandreou won three awards this year.  She received a Leibowitz Graduate Research Award; an Eleanor Roosevelt Graduate Fellowship from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy; and a Forrest S. Crawford Graduate Fellowship from the Rock Ethics Institute (which funds her final year).
Stephen Anderson was named to the editorial board of Personality and Social Psychology Review on their student board.
Eliana and I published a paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences on adversity. And with Julian, Eliana, and Stephen, we recently published a paper on "Motivated empathic choices" in Advances in Experimental Social Psychology. 
Melody Munitz, Daryl Cameron's Honors student, was the student marshal for our department, and received the University Libraries Award for Excellence in Information Literacy (second place) for her Honors thesis on theater and empathy. Zineb Kobi, one of my RA's, received the Costello Family Scholars for excellence as an undergraduate.

Daryl Cameron was recently named a Fellow in SESP.

Terri Frasca received the 2022 Laura Richardson Whitaker Memorial Graduate Award (from the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department) and funding from the Herschel W. and Eileen Wirtshafter Leibowitz Program Fund (in the Psychology department) to fund work on her dissertation, Can Women of Color “Just Say No”?: Reactions to their Refusals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion-Based Service Requests in Nonacademic Workplaces. 

Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza received the Spring 2022 Clara Mayo Grant from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI), as well as an Honorable Mention for the 2022 Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship 

With their colleagues, Mary Kruk and Jes Matsick published the following article:  

Salomaa, A., Matsick, J. L., Exten, C., & Kruk, M. (in press). Different categorizations of women's sexual orientation reveal unique health outcomes in a nationally representative U.S. sample. Women’s Health Issues.  

Mary Kruk won the 2022 outstanding graduate student teaching award in Psychology 

Samantha Stevens received the 2022 Matthew Ryan Serafino Graduate Scholarship from the Psychology department.  

Mary Kruk received the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center Research Award to Reduce Racism and Promote Antiracism and the Diversity Graduate Travel Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Mary Kruk and Jes Matsick published the following: Kruk, M. & Matsick, J. L. (in press). A taxonomy of cues based on gender and race: From a promising past to an intersectional and translational future. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Nikki Hedgecoth and Natalie Strand had posters accepted to the 2022 meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Eliana received a Makarios Scholarship Fund from the Cyprus Children's Fund organization, The Society for Personality and Social Psychology's Diversity Graduate Travel/Registration Award, and was named an Eleanor Roosevelt Scholar from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy in summer 2021.

Stephen Anderson presented some of his work on creative empathy at the Society for Affective Science, and it was awarded as a “highly ranked submission” which means the abstract is published in the journal Affective Science.

Julian Scheffer, former student, received the Alumni Association Dissertation Award last spring, and published a paper in JEP:General (with me and Michael Inzlicht) on compassion choice; he also moved on to UC Berkeley to work with Bob Levenson in a post-doctoral position.

Joseph Guerriero published: Swim, J. K., Geiger, N., & Guerriero, J. G. (2021). Not out of MY bank account! Science messaging when climate change policies carry personal financial costs. Thinking & Reasoning, 1-29.

Hyun Joon Park, Danfei Hu, Elise Haynes, and Karen Gasper recently co-authored research accepted for publication in Emotion investigating the influence of neutral affect towards COVID-19 on political attitudes and behavior in the 2020 presidential election. 

Samantha Stevens published: Stevens, S. M., Jago, C. P., Jaśko, K., & Heyman, G. D. (2021). Trustworthiness and ideological similarity (but not ideology) promote empathy. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 47(10), 1452-1465. ), 

Samantha Stevens received the SPSSI diversity graduate student conference fee waiver this summer and presented at SPSSI in August as part of Jes' symposium (Stevens, S. M.,Oswald, F., Kruk, M., Palmer, L., & Matsick, J. L. (2021, August). Hostile and benevolent heterosexism: Measuring LGBTQ+ people’s experiences. In J. L. Matsick (Chair), Interpreting and detecting stigma: Sizeism, heterosexism, and safety cues. Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Online due to COVID-19 pandemic. )

Jonathan Cook’s GISP lab had a symposium accepted this semester for the 2022 meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology: Using latent class analysis to predict doctoral student attrition risk. In J. E. Cook & P. M. Ruberton (Chairs), The social psychology of doctoral education: A longitudinal multisite study. To be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Francisco, CA, United States.).

Flora Oswald had 4 articles accepted:

  • Oswald, F., Champion, A., Khera, D., *Mitchell, J., & Pedersen, C.L. (Accepted). Bisexual stereotypes apply differently by body size: An assessment of bisexual prototypicality, trait application, and body size. Journal of Bisexuality.
  • Oswald, F., Champion, A., *Brown, K., *Walton, K., & Pedersen, C.L. (In press). Revealing more than gender: Rigid gender-role beliefs and transphobia are related to engagement with fetal sex celebrations. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.
  • Oswald, F., *Khera, D., & Pedersen, C.L. (In press). The association of genital appearance satisfaction, penis size importance, and penis-centric masculinity to chronically discriminatory ideologies among heterosexual men. Psychology of Men & Masculinities.
  • Oswald, F., & Matsick, J.L. (In press). Understanding body size and bisexuality via Femme Theory: An investigation of self- and meta-perceptions of gender expression. Fat Studies [special issue on Fat Femininities].

Flora Oswald received the: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship, Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center Research Award to Reduce Racism and Promote Antiracism, and Diversity Graduate Travel Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Julian Scheffer has received the Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award for his dissertation research. 

Julian Scheffer (with Daryl Cameron and Michael Inzlicht) has published a new paper “Caring is costly: People avoid the cognitive work of compassion” in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. 

Stephen Anderson received a Student Fellow position at UNC’s Center for Science of Moral Understanding.

Eliana Hadjiandreou received a Democracy Research Support Grant from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy and a Student Fellow position at UNC's Center for Science of Moral Understanding.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sean Laurent will be joining our faculty in fall 2021. Dr. Laurent studies how people think and feel about other people's minds and actions, including how people form and revise their moral judgments. Topics of interest include social and moral cognition, perspective taking and empathy, intentionality and mental states, and also intersections between psychology and the law.

Mary Kruk won the 2020 Superior Teaching and Research (STAR) Award in Penn State's College of Liberal Arts and is a co-author with Jes Matsick on an article that investigated whether stereotypical gender differences in sexual behavior are upheld among lesbian women and gay men that will appear in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Flora Oswald and Jes Matsick co-authored a policy piece on reducing health disparities and sexual stigma. The article is open-access at Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Danfei Hu and Karen Gasper’s work on the degree to which neutral affect is associated with 8 other affective reactions will appear in Motivation and Emotion.

Nathaniel Schermerhorn and Terri Vescio published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on how hegemonic masculinity predicts voting behavior in the 2016 and 2020 U.S. election.

Flora Oswald won the 2021 SPSP Diversity Graduate Award and the 2021 Graduate Travel Award. Flora will be presenting research at the Gender Pre-Conference and at the main SPSP event!

Lindsay Palmer co-authored research on socioeconomic status and students' use of public space on campuses that appears in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Jes Matsick, Lizbeth Kim, and Mary Kruk had a publication accepted at Psychology of Women Quarterly, titled Facebook LGBTQ Pictivism: The effects of women’s rainbow profile filters on sexual prejudice and online belonging. 

Terri received the Graduate Travel Award to present her research on gender, emotion and legitimacy at SPSP 2020 in New Orleans. In addition, Terri published her first academic article in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (General) based on her undergraduate thesis, published her first book review of Patrick Grzanka’s “Intersectionality: Foundations and Frontiers,” and had a symposium accepted to the 2020 Academy of Management conference.

Hyun Joon received a C-SoDA Accelerator Award as a PI to investigate how minority’s health outcomes are impacted by racial discrimination assessed through Twitter.

Mary Kruk was admitted to the Clinical and Translational Science Institute's Translational Science Fellowship program. 

Eliana Hadjiandreou was a co-author for the paper in Emotion on politics, and she recently received a Research in Democracy Support grant from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State, to support a study this summer on political conflict and moral psychology. 

Flora Oswald and her colleagues have a new publication in the Psychology & Sexuality, which has been covered by VICE and other media outlets, as well as a new publication in Sexuality & Culture.

Julian Scheffer was recently awarded the CLA's Superior Teaching and Research Award (STAR), was selected to be part of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology's (SPSP) Graduate Student Committee to chair the Professional Development Symposium for the 2021 meeting, and his work examining political stereotypes about compassion was accepted at the journal Emotion (collaborating with his advisor Daryl Cameron, Stephanie McKee, his labmate Eliana Hadjiandreou, and Aaron Scherer).

Hyun Joon is an author on an article published in JPSP that investigates how threats to collective autonomy fuel low-power group member’s desire for power.

In 2020, Lindsay Palmer received the Lamda Alumni Outstanding Student Scholarship as well as the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Diversity Graduate Travel Award.

Dan Lim (post-doc) has accepted a tenure-track position at Adelphi University, which he will be starting in the coming academic year.

Flora Oswald received the Dr. Susan Rankin Award, which honors someone who shows leadership, integrity, and has made outstanding contributions to Penn State related to LGBTQA+ advocacy and activism.

Victoria Spring has accepted a post-doctoral position at New York University, where she will work with Jay Van Bavel on topics related to moral outrage. She has also accepted an Emerging Scholar grant from UNC’s Center for the Science of Moral Understanding. 

Ash Gills, Kaitlynn Hamaty, and Janet Swim have a publication in Sex Roles on the social consequences of engaging in feminine and masculine pro-environmental behaviors, which as been discussed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and covered by Bustle as well as a range of other media outlets. 

Dan Albohn received the Heritage Dissertation Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

Psychology Graduate Students participating at the Pride March!

Flora Oswald and her colleagues have a publication in the Journal of Sex Research, which has been covered by VICE as well as other publications.

Danfei Hu co-authored a commentary to appear in Emotion Review.

Jonathan Gallegos is now Dr. Jonathan Gallegos and has accepted a Post Doc position with Dr. Cheryl Kaiser at University of Washington.

Lindsay Palmer received the Dr. Susan Rankin Award, which honors someone who shows leadership, integrity, and has made outstanding contributions to Penn State related to LGBTQA+ advocacy and activism.

Terri Frasca received an honorable mention for her NFS GRF. Congratulations!

Mary Kruck received the Whitaker Memorial Fund research grant through Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Victoria Spring published an article in Scientific American stemming from her work on moral outrage.

Katie Lewis, Julian Scheffer, and Victoria Spring have been accepted to attend the 2019 summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology being held at New York University. 

Mary Kruk was named the Eleanor Roosevelt Scholar in the McCourtney Institute for Democracy.

Daniel Lim will be giving a symposium talk, “Past Adversity Mitigates the Adversity Bias in Compassion”, at the 31st annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science in Washington D.C. this May. Additionally, he will be giving an invited talk on the same work at the 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.

Victoria Spring, Daryl Cameron, and Mina Cikara now have a paper accepted in Trends in Cognitive Science entitled, "The upside of outrage". 

Victoria Spring received a Student Travel Award for SPSP 2019 and will chair a symposium entitled "The functions and perils of moral outrage" was accepted by SPSP. She, along with Daryl Cameron and Mina Cikara, will presenting their talk called, "The upside of outrage.". She also published a first-author article on empathy for pain among physicians in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Julian Scheffer was accepted to give a talk at the SPSP 2018 Emotion preconference on political stereotypes about compassion.

Eliana Hadjiandreou received an Education Grant from the A.A. Leventis Foundation in Cyprus, which will provide a stipend to support her research on parochial empathy and prosociality.

Congratulations to our newly minted Ph. Ds! Kaitlin McCormick, Nathan Geiger, and Heather MacArthur.  

Nathan Geiger will be leaving us to become an Assistant Professor at Indiana University.

Heather MacArthur is joining Furman University in South Carolina.

Good news, both Carlos Garrido, Mikey Pasek, Kaitlin McCormick will be leaving us to start their new post-doctoral positions.

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