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Graduate Office

Sherri Gilliland, Graduate Records



Department of Psychology 
125 Moore Building 
The Pennsylvania State University 
University Park, PA 16802-3106


Matt Crayne

Prior Education

M.S., I/O Psychology, Penn State University

B.A., Psychology, The University of Connecticut

Advisor Dr. Sam Hunter
Expected Graduation spring 2016

Research Interests

I have several specific interests that fall under two broad areas. I am interested in the study of leadership, particularly in the errors that those in executive and senior leadership positions make and the varied consequences of those errors. I am also interested in competitive organizational environments and their impact on leaders and leader behavior. Second, I am interested in selection and assessment issues in organizations, with the effective reduction and avoidance of adverse impact being my primary research area.      


Weaver, K., Crayne, M.P., & Jones, K.S. (in press). I/O at a Crossroad: The Value of an Intersectional Research Approach. Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Hunter, S.T., Gutworth, M., Crayne, M.P., & Jayne, B.S. (2015). Planning for Innovation: The Critical Role of Agility. In M. Mumford & M. Frese (Eds.), Planning in Organizations: The Psychology of Performance. pp. 146-165.

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