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Levi Shiverdecker

Prior Education

M.S., Psychology, University of South Alabama

B.S., Psychology, Auburn University at Montgomery

Advisor Dr. James LeBreton
Expected Graduation spring 2019

Research Interests

My research interests mainly fall in the realm of personality.  Specifically, I am interested in the study of darker personality traits (e.g., narcissism) as well as aggression.  I am also interested in methodologies used to understand implicit personality such as conditional reasoning tests.  I use these general interests to provide a framework for understanding how these personality characteristics relate to counterproductive work behaviors.


Foster, J. D., Jonason, P. K., Shrira, I., Keith Campbell, W., Shiverdecker, L. K., & Varner, S. C. (2014). What do you get when you make somebody else’s partner your own? An analysis of relationships formed via mate poaching. Journal of Research in Personality, 52, 78-90. doi:


Shiverdecker, L. (March, 2015). Does Narcissism Moderate the Influence of Sexual Activity on Pair-Bonding? University of South Alabama’s 2nd Annual 3MT® Competition.

Shiverdecker, L. & Foster, J. (February, 2014). Individual Differences in Explicit and Implicit Self-Esteem and Their Relation to Depressive Symptoms: A Dual Process Model Account. Poster presented at the Mid-Winter Conference: Alabama Psychological Association in Birmingham, Alabama.

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