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Jackie Marhefka

Prior Education

B.S., Psychology and Crimonology, Stonehill College

Advisor Dr. Susan J. Simkins (formerly Mohammed)
Expected Graduation spring 2021

Research Interests

My research interests include group dynamics and team cognition, particularly team mental models and temporality. I am also specifically interested in how temporal individual differences influence perceptions of deadlines and how they impact team processes and outcomes.

Selected Publications

Mohammed, S. & Marhefka, J. (2019). How have we, do we, and will we measure time perspective? A review of methodological and measurement issues. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Marhefka, J., Mohammed, S., Hamilton, K., Tesler, R., Mancuso, V., McNeese, M. (2018). We are not in sync, but we think we are: Actual versus perceived temporal team mental models. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 18(4).

Mohammed, S. & Marhefka, J. (2018) “Role of Time in Organizational Studies.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ed. Ricky Griffin. New York: Oxford University Press.

Selected Conference Presentations

Marhefka, J., Mohammed, S. & Livert, D. (2019, April) When U Can Be Creative: U-Shaped Pacing Style and Shared Temporal Cognition. Poster presented at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology 34th Annual Conference, Washington D.C.

Marhefka, J., Martinez, P., Willamson, J. & Mohammed, S. (2018, July) When to Pick Up the Pace? The Interactive Effect of Time Urgency Composition and Temporal Conflict on Task Transition Time. Poster presented at the 13th Annual INGRoup Conference, Bethesda, MD.

Marhefka, J., Allen, J., Swigart, K. & Martinez, P. (2018, April) The Influence of Dyad Time Urgency Diversity on Follower Perceptions. Poster presented at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology 33rd Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

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