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Graduate Office

Sherri Gilliland, Graduate Records



Department of Psychology 
125 Moore Building 
The Pennsylvania State University 
University Park, PA 16802-3106


Bobby Melloy

Prior Education

M.S., I/O Psychology, Penn State University

B.A., Psychology, The College of New Jersey

Advisor Dr. Alicia Grandey
Expected Graduation spring 2018

Research Interests

Broadly, my research focuses on personal motivation in why and how we regulate ourselves, as well as motivation for why and how we regulate other people. Specifically, I study the regulation of goal-directed behavior (e.g., the job search process) and emotions (e.g., emotional labor), and am interested in studying these in personal, leader, and team contexts. 


Grandey, A. A., & Melloy, R. C. (in press). The state of the heart: Reflections on emotional labor as emotion regulation. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Thompson, M. N., Dahling, J. J., *Chin, M. Y., & *Melloy, R. C., (2016). Integrating job loss, unemployment, and reemployment with Social Cognitive Career Theory. Journal of Career Assessment.                                                    (* The authors contributed equally to this research; names listed alphabetically)

Howard, M. C., & Melloy, R. C. (2016). Evaluating item-sort task methods: The presentation of a new statistical significance formula and methodological best practices. Journal of Business and Psychology, 31, 173-186.

Zhang, X., Xing, C., Guan, Y., Song, X., Melloy, R., Wang, F., & Jin X. (2016). Attitudes toward older adults: A matter of cultural values or personal values? Psychology and Aging, 31, 89-100.

Song, X., Zhang, X., Melloy, R., Wang, F., Zhan, H., & Wang, L. (2016). From self-disclosure to prosocial behaviors: Feedback as a moderator. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 19, 90-100.

Melloy, R., & Liu, S. (2014). Non-traditional employment history: A less obvious source of stereotype threat. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 7, 474-478.

Dahling, J. J., Melloy, R., & Thompson, M. N. (2013). Financial strain and regional unemployment as barriers to job search self-efficacy: A test of social cognitive career theory. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60, 210-218.

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