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Dual-degree Programs

Students in our Dual Degree programs provide Psychology Ph.D. students with the opportunity tocombine their graduate training in Psychology with doctoral-level training in a related discipline.Currently we offer two such programs.

Psychology and Women’s Studies

Penn State Psychology is one of only two graduate programs in the U.S. tooffer a dual degree Ph.D. in Women’s Studies and Psychology. Graduatestudents also have the option of a graduate minor in Women’s Studies.

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Language Science

Students electing this program through the Department of Psychology will earn a degree with a dual-titleat the PhD level in Psychology and in Language Science. A graduate student obtaining this dual-degreewill have the skills and knowledge to bring the methods and theories of linguistics, psycholinguistics, andcognitive neuroscience to bear on central issues in psychology.  

Psychology and Social Behavioral Neuroscience

Beginning in Fall of 2019 students will be able to pursue a new dual title in Social Behavioral Neuroscience. Social behavioral neuroscience reflects the study of how brain development and function influence, and are influenced by, social environments and human interaction. The dual-title Ph.D. program provides students with additional training in the neurobiological foundations of brain function in order to enable them to pursue innovative interdisciplinary research with intellectual sophistication

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Social Data Analytics (SoDA)

Social Data Analytics (SoDA) is the integration of social scientific, computational, informational, statistical, and visual approaches to the analysis of large or complex data that arise from human interaction. SoDA merges social science and data science to improve our ability to learn from social data. The SoDA-Psychology dual-title Ph.D. program is the first of its kind in the world and provides students with interdisciplinary training in the foundations of data science.

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