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Student Placements

Representative Internship Placements (Past 10 Years): 

Palo Alto VA
Brown University Med School
Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology
University of Wisconsin – Psychiatry
University of Florida Health Sciences
Western Psychiatric Institute
UNC – Chapel Hill
Harvard Med School/Cambridge Hospital
Yale University Child Study Center
University of Mississippi Med School
Geisinger Medical Center (Danville)
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at PSU
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (C
UVA Student Health Center
Rush Medical Center (Chicago)
Baylor Medical School
SUNY Upstate Med Center (Syracuse)
Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh)
UCSF Medical Center
Beth Israel Medical Center (NYC)
Miami Children’s Hospital
Westchester Jewish Community Services
UCLA Counseling & Psychological Services
USC Children’s Hospital
Baltimore VA
Charleston Consortium – Neuropsychology
VA Connecticut Healthcare – Addictions Track
University of Maryland
San Francisco VA
Ann Arbor VA
NY Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medical School
UCSD School of Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
University of Chicago
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Representative Post-Doc Placements (Past 10 Years):

Palo Alto VA
Brown University Med School
University of Pennsylvania Med School
University of Pittsburgh Med School
Boston University
Johns Hopkins Med School
Kessler Foundation
UCLA – Counseling & Psychological Services
Stanford University School of Medicine
Yale University CSC
Allegheny General Hospital, Psychiatry
University of Oregon Health Sciences
Albany Medical College
Cornell Medical College
Harvard Medical School
University of Delaware
Baylor College of Medicine

Representative Job Placements (Past 10 Years)

Assistant Professorships

UC – Berkeley
University of Pittsburgh
George Mason University
Towson State University
SUNY – Albany
Wheaton College
Brown University Medical School (Instructor)
Long Island University
Case Western Reserve Medical School - Department of Neurology
University of Iowa Medical School - Department of Psychiatry
Yale University Medical School - Department of Psychiatry
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Kessler Research Foundation
Stanford University School of Medicine
University of Mississippi Medical School
Washington State University
Elmhurst College
Boise State University
University of Illinois - Chicago
California State University - Fullerton
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
University of Colorado - Denver
Albany Medical College - Psychiatry
Yale Child Study Center
UCLA Department of Psychiatry
Oregon Health Sciences University
Auburn University
Seattle Pacific University
University of Delaware
LaVerne University
Trinity University
Penn State University - Altoona

Clinical Jobs

Dupont Hospital for Children
Palo Alto VA
Staff Psychologist, PSU Psychological Clinic
Syracuse VA Medical Center
Heartland Counseling
Massachusetts General Hospital
Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center
Audrey Hepburn Children's House
Behavioral Health Informatics and Innovation




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