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Lab Pages

Arnett Clinical Neuropsychology Lab

Arnett Lab Picture


Azar Lab


Bierman Lab


Castonguay Psychotherapy Lab

Castonguay Lab

The goal of our lab is to contribute to the understanding and improvement of psychotherapy. The research we conduct has examined therapy participants (client and therapist variables), process of change (e.g., techniques, relationship, principles of interventions), and training. Some of our empirical investigations have focused on predicting who will benefit from therapy, who will drop out of therapy, and will do worst during treatment; who are therapists who have better outcome; what is the role of the working alliance; and how principles of change can improve the practice of therapists in training. Some of our research has taken place within the context of randomized clinical trials (e.g., integrative treatment for generalized anxiety disorder). More recently, we have conducted studies in naturalistic settings (also called practice oriented research or practice base evidence), particularly in the context of different practice-research networks – which involve the active collaboration of researchers and clinicians.



Cole Emotion Regulation Lab

Cole Lab


Hallquist Developmental Personality Neuroscience Lab


Hillary Brain Injury and Plasticity Lab


Huang-Pollock Lab

Huang-Pollock Lab


Levy Lab

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Marshall Lab

Marshall Lab


Newman Lab 

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Pincus Personality Lab

Pincus Lab Pic


Soto Lab 

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Wadsworth CaRES Lab

Wadsworth Lab


Wilson Addiction Smoking and Health (ASH) Lab


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