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Jenae Neiderhiser

Jenae Neiderhiser

Distinguished Professor of Psychology and

Human Development and Family Studies

411 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 865-4818

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph. D., Penn State University, 1994


Research Interests

Jenae Neiderhiser is interested in understanding the interplay between genes and environment throughout the lifespan. The environmental influences that she has examined most closely are interpersonal relationships – including parent-child, spouse, sibling and peer relationships. Examining how individuals influence their environments, in part because of their genetically-influenced characteristics (genotype-environment correlation), has long been a focus of her work. The studies that have been used to examine these research questions include the following three sets of studies. The Nonshared Environment in Adolescent Development (NEAD) project and the Young Adult Sibling Study (YASS) is a longitudinal study of 720 twin and sibling pairs in two parent families with both parents and both twins/siblings participating followed from when the twins/siblings were in middle adolescence to young adulthood. The Twin/Offspring Study in Sweden (TOSS) is a study of 909 pairs of twins who are parents of at least one adolescent child and includes twin parents, one child per twin and the spouse/partner of the twin. Finally, the Early Growth and Development Study is a prospective, longitudinal study of 559 sets of adopted children, their adoptive families and birth parents. All of these studies include extensive assessment of the environment within the household, interpersonal relationships, adult and child adjustment, temperament and personality and other related measures. DNA has also been collected or will be collected for these samples. 

Recent Publications

      Ganiban, J.M., Ulbricht, J.A., Spotts, E.L., Lichtenstein, P., Reiss, D., Hansson, K., & Neiderhiser, J.M. (in press). Understanding the role of personality in explaining associations between marital quality and parenting. Journal of Family Psychology.

      Ge, X., Natsuaki, M.N., Neiderhiser, J.M., & Reiss, D. (in press). The longitudinal effects of stressful life events on adolescent depression are buffered by parent-child closeness. Development and Psychopathology.

      Leve, L.D., Kerr, D.C., Shaw, D., Ge, X., Neiderhiser, J.M., Scaramella, L.V., Reid, J.B., Conger, R., & Reiss, D. (in press). Infant pathways to externalizing behavior: Evidence of genotype x environment interaction. Child Development.

      Ganiban, J.M., Saudino, K.S., Ulbricht, J., Neiderhiser, J.M. & Reiss, D. (2008). Stability and change in temperament during adolescence. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology95(1), 222-236.

      Ge, X., Natsuaki, M.N., Martin, D., Leve, L.D., Neiderhiser, J.M., Shaw, D.S., Villareal, G., Scaramella, L., Reid, J. & Reiss, D. (2008). Bridging the divide: Openness in adoption and post-adoption psychosocial adjustment among birth and adoptive parents. Journal of Family Psychology, 22, 529-540.

      Narusyte, J., Neiderhiser, J.M., D’Onofrio, B.M., Reiss, D., Spotts, E.L., Ganiban, J. & Lichtenstein, P. (2008). Testing different types of genotype-environment correlation: An extended children-of-twins model.Developmental Psychology44(6), 1591- .

      Neiderhiser, J.M. & Lichtenstein, P. (2008). The Twin and Offspring Study in Sweden: Advancing our understanding of genotype-environment interplay by studying twins and their families. Acta Psychologica Sinica40(10), 1116-1123.

      Walum, H., Westberg, L., Henningsson, S., Neiderhiser, J.M., Reiss, D., Igl, W., Ganiban, J.M., Spotts, E.L., Pedersen, N.L., Eriksson, E. & Lichtenstein, P. (2008). Genetic variation in the vasopressin receptor 1a gene (AVPR1A) associates with pair-bonding behavior in humans.  PNAS, 105(37), 14153–14156.

      Yuh, J., Neiderhiser, J.M., Spotts, E.L., Pedersen, N.L., Lichtenstein, P., Hansson, K., Cederblad, M., Elthammer, O. & Reiss, D. (2008). The role of temperament and social support in depressive symptoms: A twin study of mid-aged women. Journal of Affective Disorders106(1-2), 99-105.

      Feinberg, M.E., Button, T.M.M., Neiderhiser, J.M., Hetherington, E.M. & Reiss, D. (2007). Parenting and adolescent antisocial behavior and depression: Evidence for genotype x parenting environment interaction.Archives of General Psychiatry64, 457-465.

Research Interests:

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