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Estee Hausman Ph.D.

Interim Co-Director of The Psychological Clinic

Assistant Clinical Professor

328 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 865-3239


  1. Ph.D., 2017 University of Missouri-Columbia


Estee Hausman's primary research interests include typical and atypical regulation of both positive and negative emotions in children and adolescents. Specifically, her work has focused on atypical regulation of positive emotion (affective, cognitive, neurobiological) with respect to anxiety and depressive symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents. She also has interests in clinical training and supervision as means of disseminating evidence-based practices. She has worked extensively on an NIMH-funded clinical outcome study of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), is a certified PCIT therapist, and provides administration of and clinical supervision within Penn State's PCIT clinic. She is currently an Assistant Director of the Penn State Psychological Clinic, where she provides clinical supervision of evidence-based therapy and assessment to doctoral students in clinical psychology, provides individual and group psychotherapy, provides consultation services to schools and other community agencies, and also serves in a variety of training and administrative functions. 

Research Interests:

Clinical (Adult and Child):
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