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Chang Liu

Chang Liu
412 Moore Building

Office Phone: (814) 865-1725

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Chang received her B.S. in Psychology from Beijing Normal University, China, in 2013. She is currently a sixth-year graduate student in Developmental Psychology working with Dr. Neiderhiser. Her overall research goal is to understand the mechanisms and processes underlying the development of children within the context of their social interactions, particularly in regard to the development of problem behaviors. Chang has adopted an interdisciplinary perspective by using two different but complementary approaches: behavioral genetics and dynamic systems. By using family-based behavioral genetic designs, she is able to examine the critical role of gene-environment interplay in problem behaviors development while a dynamic systems approach allows her to examine the change and self-organization of the processes underlying children’s social interactions. By integrating these approaches, Chang can examine the mechanisms underlying child development and co-occurring effects with other systems to help clarify possible causal pathways of these processes underlying child development.

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