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Dr. Andres G. Viana

Child Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Andres G. Viana

Andres G. Viana, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor and Director of Childhood Anxiety Disorders Research in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). Dr. Viana is also a faculty member of the Mississippi Psychology Residency (Internship) Training Program—a consortium between the Division of Psychology at UMMC and the Psychology Division of the Mental Health Service at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center. Currently funded by an intramural grant from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Viana's program of research focuses on the study and assessment of risk factors for childhood anxiety disorders, with an emphasis on temperamental, cognitive, and parenting factors that may exacerbate anxiety, as well as the nature of the covariation among these processes. More recently, Dr. Viana's research has focused on the relationship between parental and child information processing styles, and how this association may influence the development, expression, and maintenance of fear and anxiety in children.

Dr. Viana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. After one year of medical school at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Dr. Viana decided that psychology was a better fit. However, the options and future prospects in his native country were limited. At the age of 18, he seized on an opportunity to move to the United States to pursue his interests in psychology. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (magna cum laude) from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and then moved north to Penn State country to pursue graduate studies. He went on to obtain a Master of Science in child clinical psychology in 2007 and a doctorate in child clinical psychology in 2011 from Penn State.

Dr. Viana has very fond memories about his time as a graduate student at Penn State, "the advice and mentoring I received—and continue to receive—from Penn State mentors have been crucial in helping me to grow as a researcher and, most importantly, as a human being." "The opportunities I had there are simply not available where I grew up; I am eternally grateful for the investment that Penn State and the Psychology faculty made in me; I will never forget it."

Dr. Viana and his wife, Mariana (also a Penn State graduate with a Master of Education degree) now live in Madison, Mississippi with their 4 month-old, Lorenzo, and their two dogs. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and exercising, although he is most excited about his new and most important role: being a dad.

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