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Brittany Bloodhart

Harold K. Schilling Dean's Graduate Scholarship Winner
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Brittany Bloodhart

Brittany Bloodhart sees herself as a social psychologist whose goal is to do research that will create meaningful impacts on people's lives. She knew that she enjoyed learning about psychology even before college, but it wasn't until taking Social Psychology and Psychology of Gender that she realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life understanding the psychology of social injustices like racism and sexism. She sought out Penn State because of the numerous faculty doing great work in this area, and because Penn State is one of only two schools in the country to offer a dual PhD in Psychology and Women's Studies. The overarching theme of her graduate research has been individuals' understanding, beliefs, and engagement in social justice and activism, particularly related to gender and climate change. Brittany has worked with Dr. Janet Swim to explore the psychological barriers to engagement in pro-environmental behavior and beliefs in climate change, in addition to understanding how environmental issues are related to feminist and justice concerns. Her dissertation is exploring how the fear of not having personal luxuries and privileges acts as a potential barrier to engagement in social justice action. In addition to the Harold K. Schilling Graduate Dean's Scholarship, Brittany has received Penn State's Research and Graduate Studies Office Dissertation Support Award, has been asked to present her research at numerous national conferences, and was named as runner-up for both the Geis Memorial Dissertation Award and the Hyde Graduate Research Grant, which fund national dissertation research relevant to feminist psychology.

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