Songqi Liu


  1. Ph.D., 2011, University of Maryland


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Sonqi Liu's research broadly focuses on employee adjustment and adaptation processes in the workplace. Specifically, the research topics he is interested in include job search experiences, newcomer adjustment, work-related stress and coping, and overqualification/underemployment. In the area of job search, he studies the individual motivations as well as intervention strategies to facilitate job seeking. In the area of newcomer adjustment, he studies the role of supervisor and social networks characteristics on newcomer adaptation. In the area of work-related stress and coping, he focused on the adaptive (e.g., utilizing employee assistantship programs) as well as maladaptive coping reactions (e.g., drinking alcohol) to work stress and work-family conflict. And in the area of overqualification/underemployment, he is interested in the antecedents as well as the consequences of employee perceived overqualification. His research on the quantitative research methods concerns estimating mediation effects in multilevel modeling.

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