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Research Themes & Resources


The specialization in cognitive and affective neuroscience (SCAN) is a department-wide effort to integrate the study of brain and behavior by infusing neuroscience throughout the traditional areas of psychology.

Context and Culture

The role of context and culture in psychology processes is a major research theme in the Psychology Department, reflecting the department’s standingcommitment to diversity as an area of research and aspect of practice.

Social Inequality

Penn State’s Psychology Department recognizes the importance of using psychological approaches to better understand why social inequalities exist and toprovide interventions grounded in psychology theory.

Translational and Collaborative Research

Research in the Psychology Department is frequently collaborative and interdisciplinary, and often emphasizes translation of researchfindings to real-world situations.

Quantitative Methods

The Psychology Department has a strategic focus on training in advanced methodology, especially quantitative methods. A wide variety of resources forsuch training is available.

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