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Social Psychology Program


Our graduate program in Social Psychology prepares students for careers in academic or applied settings. Students are actively engaged in research from their first semester and work both independently and in collaboration with faculty and other graduate students. Each student selects a program of study in consultation with an advisory committee of her or his own choosing. Graduate students and faculty meet at a weekly seminar to discuss on-going research projects. See our website for information on our areas of specialization and our approach to graduate training.

Additional information about the program may be found at the Social Area Web Site.

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Core Social Psychology Faculty

View short bios of the core faculty at the University Park campus.


Name Office Phone E-mail
Adams, Reginald 127 Moore 865-6219
Cook, Jonathan 515 Moore 867-4836
Gasper, Karen 437 Moore 863-1713
Mark, Melvin 408 Moore 863-1755
Shields, Stephanie 514 Moore 863-1729
Swim, Janet 515 Moore 863-1730
Vescio, Theresa 438 Moore 863-1714


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Other Faculty and Programs

Psychology faculty at other locations whose core area is Social Psychology include:

  • Peter Crabb (technology and social behavior)
  • Mary Gergen (performative psychology; gender; aging)
  • John Johnson (personality)
  • Margaret Signorella (gender schemata, sex differences in cognitive ability)

A number of faculty in other areas of the department (clinical, cognitive, developmental, and industrial/organizational) share interests in social psychology. In addition, we collaborate with faculty in other departments and colleges, including Sociology, Speech Communications, Human Development, Women’s Studies, and the Smeal College of Business Administration.

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