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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program


The program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Penn State combines course work, research, and supervised practical experience to prepare students for positions in a variety of industrial, governmental, consulting, and academic settings. Students participate in seminar topics such as personnel selection, training and development, and organizational psychology. In addition to conducting research for their master's theses and doctoral dissertations, students participate in practice that provide the opportunity to work on real-world problems in industrial and government organizations. Teams of I/O graduate students, under faculty supervision, plan and conduct research requested by firms and governmental agencies. In addition to providing practicum opportunities, these organizations contribute to the graduate program financially, helping to support convention travel, thesis and dissertation research, summer employment, etc. Students are encouraged to combine their work in the I/O program with training in other areas of psychology and related disciplines, including social psychology, organizational behavior, and statistics and methodology.

Additional information about the program may be found at the Industrial/Organizational Area Web Site.

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Core Industrial/Organizational Psychology Faculty

View short bios of the core faculty at the University Park campus.


Name Office Phone E-mail
Farr, James 631 Moore 863-1734
Grandey, Alicia 620 Moore 863-1867
Hunter, Sam 615 Moore 865-0107
Jacobs, Rick 618 Moore 863-7389
Jones, Kisha 612 Moore 867-4843
LeBreton, James 632 Moore 867-4847
Liu, Songqi 614 Moore 863-3373
Mohammed, Susan 617 Moore 863-7387


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Other Faculty and Programs

Other members of the Psychology faculty at University Park with interests in Industrial/Organizational Psychology include:

  • Melvin Mark (equity and resource allocations, program evaluation in organizations)
  • Michelle Newman (cost- benefit models of therapeutic interventions for anxiety)
  • Janet Swim (biases in performance evaluations)

In addition, there is close interaction with industrial psychologists in The Smeal College of Business Administration.

Psychology faculty at other locations with interests in Industrial/Organizational Psychology include:

  • John Johnson (validity of personality inventories for personnel selection)
  • Henry Patterson (group dynamics, stress, leadership and organizational development)

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