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Post Doctoral Scholars


The Social Area welcomes our two Post Doctoral Scholars:

Rodrigo Cardenas

My research focuses on how evolution, particularly sexual selection, has shaped human cognition to aid social interactions. My work examines the facial and vocal cues-signals that people use to make decisions about how to interact with conspecifics, and how these perceptual and decisional processes are regulated by neuroendocrine systems. This work focuses on the functional link between signals (facial and vocal characteristics) and how basic cognitive mechanisms are tuned to efficiently extract and process this information. My most current work studies the role of human parental care in human cognition, particularly how cognitive mechanisms are attuned to the detection, encoding/storing, and processing of infant-related information, and how they might vary as a function of the individual and cultural differences that affect interest in infants.

I am originally from southern Chile (Punta Arenas) and I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the Universidad Austral de Chile. I later obtained an MA in Anthropology and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Michigan State University. I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, playing guitar and soccer (sometimes simultaneously), and making sure the pictures on the wall are not hung too straight.

Gabrielle Filip-Crawford

Gabrielle Filip-Crawford is a Post-doctoral Scholar in the Group Identity and Social Perception Lab. Her research explores how individuals and groups identify and manage opportunities and threats in their social environments, and the implications of this for interpersonal and intergroup relations. Her most recent work focuses on the lay belief that homosexuality is contagious, and how this belief affects anti-gay behaviors. Gabrielle is also interested in the concealability and visibility of sexual orientation and the influences this has on person perception processes and LGBT physical and mental health outcomes. Gabrielle received her Ph.D. and M.A. in social psychology from Arizona State University and her B.A. in psychology from Mills College.


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