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News from the Social Area

Congratulations to Heather MacArthur who received a 2017 Dissertation Award by the PSU Center for the Study of Sports in Society.

Dr. Stephanie Shields received the “Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award” (APA Div 1) for her long-lasting contributions to general psychology.Social_Grads_SanDiego

Jonathan Gallegos and Dr. Karen Gasper have a paper in Emotion on whether rejection makes people feel neutral and less empathic.

Dr. Cameron and Victoria Spring and Andrew Todd published a paper in Emotion that examined a new method to assess empathy for pain.

Dr, Jonathan Cook was awarded $2.3 million to study doctoral student attrition in STEM fields from NSF.

Dr. Cameron and Julian Scheffer and others published a paper in Cognition that validated a new method to assess moral judgments.

Hyun Joon received and SPSP travel award to attend the 2018 SPSP Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

Congratulations to Kaitlin McCormick for receiving the 2017 Florence L. Geis Memorial Dissertation Award to help support her dissertation research. 

Congratulations to Julian Scheffer for receiving a Diversity Travel award to attend the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting this year in Chicago, IL. 

Heather MacAuthur and Kaitlin McCormick received a Constance Shehan Women's Studies Award to assist them with their research.

Mikey Pasek and Nathan Geiger were both selected to attend SISPP 2017. 

Joy Hachenbracht, a graduate of our program, was interviewed in a recent NPR story. 

Troy and Dan presenting their Poster at SPSPCongratulations to Michael Pasek for receiving Graduate Travel Award for the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and for obtaining Research Seed Grant from the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (APA Division 36) to investigate the role of social rejection in motivating Muslim radicalism.

Dr. Stephanie Shields received the Sue Rosenberg Zalk Award for Distinguished Service to the Society for the Psychology of Women for 2016. Professor Shields is being recognized for her mentorship and her leadership in creating and organizing the First and Second Institutes for Academic Feminist Psychologists.

Dr. Janet Swim will be giving a Stanley Hall Lecture at APA.

Nathan Geiger and Dr. Janet Swim were named Page Scholars this year.

Lizbeth Kim received an NSF honorable mention 2016

Kaitlin McCormick received a Superior Research and Teaching (STAR) Award from the College of the Liberal Arts. Spring 2016

Michael Pasek received a travel award to attend the 2016 annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science, in Chicago, IL. Daryl Cameron

Elaine Dicicco received the Susan Welch/Nagle Family Graduate Fellowship Award (Fall 2015) and it is for support in lieu of TAship for a semester while the student is working on the dissertation.

The Social Area welcomed Dr. Daryl Cameron! Dr. Cameron investigates the psychological processes involved in
empathy and moral decision-making, using an interdisciplinary approach drawing on affective Jes Matsickscience, social cognition, and moral philosophy.

The Social Area welcomes Dr. Jes Matsick!  Dr. Matsick is a stereotyping and prejudice researcher who focuses on the experiences of underrepresented group members, with a specific emphasis on lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgendered (LGBQT) individuals, women, and ethnic minorities.

With colleagues from SISPP 2015, Brianna Middlewood and Carlos Garrido co-authored a commentary to be published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. The commentary critiques Firestone and Scholl’s argument against top-down effects on perception.

Dr. Jonathan Cook co-authored a paper in Psychological Science that examined the effectiveness of a classroom-based psychological intervention. 

Michael Pasek gave a blitz talk on how perceived stigma may motivate Christian fundamentalists to endorse more outgroup prejudice at the 2016 Religion and Spirituality preconference for the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in San Diego, CA.

Jonathan Gallegos received a Diversity Fund Travel Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology .

Julia Dahl, Dr. Terri Vescio, and Kevin Weaver published a paper on masculinity threat and MPA_Jon_Nat_2015ideological dominance in Social Psychology

Heather MacArthur presented a poster on masculinity and emotion at the 2015 meeting of the American Psychological Association in Toronto, Canada

Heather MacArthur gave a talk on masculinity and emotion at the 2015 meeting of the International Society for Research on Emotion in Geneva, Switzerland

Heather MacArthur received a student travel award from the American Psychological Association

Brianna Middlewood, Jon Gallegos, Carlos Garrido, and Julia Dahl were accepted to the Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology

Brianna Carolos Julia SISPPHeather MacArthur presented a poster on gender issues in language at the 2015 meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association in Ottawa, Canada

Mel Mark currently serves as a representative to the Consortium of Social Science Association, which advocates for social and behavioral science in the US.  Mel also participated in a recent session of the “Transitions in Governance 2016 Initiative”, a nonpartisan effort to present recommendations to the upcoming administration on opportunities for improved performance in the US federal government.

Julia Dahl chaired a symposium in which she and Dr. Terri Vescio gave talks on masculinity and gender relations at the 2015 meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in New York, NY

Kevin Weaver and Dr. Terri Vescio published a paper on the effects of masculinity threats on perceptions of discrimination against women and gay men in Sex Roles.

JHeather Kaitlyn Posteronathan Gallegos gave a talk on the links between morality and masculinity, at the annual convention of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago, IL

Brianna Middlewood gave a talk on how feelings of tiredness and happiness lead to embracing unusual ideas at the Midwestern Psychological Association

Julia Dahl gave a talk on masculinity threat and ideological dominance at the 2015 meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago, IL

Michael Pasek received an honorable mention for the Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus Research Award. 

Troy Steiner received a Graduate Fellowship award from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Kaitlin McCormick received an honorable mention from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

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