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Alumni and Job Placement

 Recent Graduates

  • Matt Howard, December, 2015
  • Dinora Fitzgerald, December, 2015
  • Morgan Krannitz, December, 2015
  • Shin-I Shih, August, 2015
  • Lawrence Houston, May, 2015
  • Daniel Kuyumcu, May, 2015
  • Sari Maneotis, August, 2014
  • Nicole Ginther, August, 2014
  • Rachel Tesler, December, 2013
  • Priya Bains, December, 2013
  • Adam Myer, August, 2013
  • Peter Reilly, August, 2013
  • Alissa Parr, August, 2013
  • Joshua Fairchild, August, 2013


Alumni Placement

Since 1976, 51% of our students go to industry, 43% to academics, and the remainder return to military posts with new skills. Graduates of Penn State University’s I/O program have entered into exciting and challenging careers. The following represents just a sample!


  • Policy Studies, Queen’s University
  • Human Resource Studies, Cornell University
  • Management, Michigan State University
  • Management, Purdue University
  • Management, Stony Brook University
  • Management, University of Maryland
  • Management, Oregon State University
  • Organizational Behavior/Strategy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Social and I/O Psychology, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • Organisational Behaviour, Kemmy Business School at University of Limerick
  • Associate Dean, College of Business, San Francisco State University
  • Psychology, Creighton University
  • Psychology, University of Western Australia
  • Human Resource Management, Rutgers University


  • Organizational Scientist Specialist, McKinsey & Company
  • People Analyst, Google
  • HR Consultant, Microsoft
  • Consultant, Development Dimensions International
  • Human Capital Consultant, Federal Management Partners Inc.
  • Lawyer, McCarthy Tetrault LLP
  • Manager of Product Integration, PreVisor Inc.
  • Project Consultant, Select International
  • Talent Management Consultant, Lowe’s
  • Vice President, Personnel Decisions International
  • Senior Vice President, AON Consulting
  • Senior Consultant, Hay Group, Inc.
  • Group Director, Global Research, Center for Creative Leadership


    • Dean of Faculty, U. S. Air Force Academy
    • Research Psychologist, U.S. Army Research Institute


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