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David Rosenbaum

David Rosenbaum

Distinguished Professor of Psychology

448 Moore Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-1991


  1. Ph. D., Stanford, 1977


Research Interests

David Rosenbaum is interested in the cognitive substrates of skilled performance, especially those underlying human motor control and perceptual-motor integration. He focuses on the planning and control of manual performance (mainly reaching and grasping objects), using computer modeling and recording of behavior. He also works on rhythm and timing, temporal coordination of cognitive and perceptual-motor activities, and how people organize their external environments. 

Recent Publications

Rosenbaum, D. A., Vaughan, J., & Wyble, B. (2015). MATLAB For Behavioral Scientists (Second Edition). Routledge/Taylor and Francis.


Coelho, C. J., Studenka, B. E., & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2014). End-state comfort trumps handedness in object manipulation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 40, 718-730.


Herbort, O. & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2014). What is chosen first, the hand used for reaching or the target that is reached? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 21, 170-177.


Rosenbaum, D. A. (2014). It’s A Jungle In There: How Competition And Cooperation In The Brain Shape The Mind. Oxford University Press/


Rosenbaum, D. A., Gong, L., & Potts, C. A. (2014). Pre-crastination: Hastening subgoal completion at the expense of extra physical effort. Psychological Science, 25, 1487-1496.


Rosenbaum, D. A., Herbort, O., van der Wel, R., & Weiss, D. J. (2014). What’s in a grasp? American Scientist, 102, 366-373.


Zhang, L., Wininger, M., & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2014). Word generation affects continuous hand movements. Journal of Motor Behavior, 46, 115-123.


Coelho, C. J., & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2013). Is handedness just response bias? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 20, 957-962.


Rosenbaum, D. A. (2012). The tiger on your tail: Choosing between temporally extended behaviors. Psychological Science, 23, 855-860.


Rosenbaum, D. A., Chapman, K. M., Weigelt, M., Weiss, D. J., & van der Wel, R. (2012). Cognition, action, and object manipulation. Psychological Bulletin, 138, 924-946.


Santamaria, J. P. & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2011). Etiquette and effort: Holding doors for others. Psychological Science, 22, 584-588.


Rosenbaum, D. A. (2010). Human Motor Control (Second Edition). San Diego, CA: Academic Press/ Elsevier.

Research Interests:

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